Paper & Pulp

Organo polysiloxanes find interesting applications in pulp and paper processing. Antifoams in the pulp washing process and Brownstock washing process requires high alkali-stable silicone products. Silicone antifoams can be used in combination with hydrophilic organic chemistry. They are used at low dosage levels and are generally formulated as self-dispersible water-based concentrates. Silicones also help enhance the performance of wet tissues, paper towels, paper napkins and wet and dry wipes.

Resil’s silicones are designed for use as release agents, providing a smooth finish for paper.


  • Reduces surface tension on paper
  • Imparts excellent silky smooth finish
  • Improves impregnation of active alkali in wood chips
  • Improves cooking of wood pulp
  • Helps de-airing in pulp washing
  • Helps in the finishing process of paper and tissues
  • Helps during recycling paper
  • Acts as a de-inking aid
  • Offers persistent antifoaming property
  • Optimises the delivery of an antifoam active in paper processing
  • Ensures low usage levels and low cost to performance levels
  • Ensures low dosage levels (upto 0.2kg per tonne)
  • Improves softness on paper
  • It is three-times more efficient than an organic antifoaming agent

Customised formulations

Resil’s customisation formulations can be developed in combination with organic antifoam compounds such as mineral oil, paraffin oil, vegetable oils, amide waxes (EBS), hydrophobised silica, organic polyethers, etc.