Resil’s agro segment offerings comprise of non-ionic surfactants. These are specialty silicones, considered for agricultural applications. Widely used as tank mix adjuvants, in-can adjuvants and foam control agents to enhance the delivery and efficacy of many pesticide products. Our silicone adjuvants are used to impart good spreadability, rain fastness, defoaming and penetration with OMRI certificate


  • Excellent wetting
  • Super spreading property
  • Greater penetration property
  • Excellent spray coverage on crops
  • Low usage and dosage
  • Reduced spray volumes
  • Enhanced agro-chemical efficacy
  • Has a strong rain fastness capability
  • Excellent defoaming
  • pH stable silicone adjuvants
  • Silicone adjuvants for organic foaming
    * can be mixed with many crop protection chemicals

Customised products

Resil’s long-standing innovation in agricultural applications with state-of-the-art development facilities can customise next-generation silicone adjuvant specialities. These specialities are stable over a range of pH and temperature. Our technologies use lower levels of silicone adjuvants and ensure less water usage during application.