Shine to a car or an automobile is the basic requirement and gives a new look to the car. Due to exposure to pollutants in air and sunlight the paint layer gets oxidised and hence loses it shine and gloss. Restoration of such shine is possible with specialty waxes and shining agents carefully selected by Resil in its products. Resil’s range of shine products extend instant gloss, protect from UV damage, repel water and are highly durable.

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Dashboard Polish Specially formulated to restore gloss on vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces. Vista Dashboard Polish is long-lasting, and leaves a pleasant, green apple fragrance behind. On regular application, it protects vinyl and plastic from UV, dullness and cracks. enquire
Tyre Conditioner A non-aqueous agent for tyres, it restores the natural black look and delivers long lasting performance. This can be applied after washing the tyre with suitable tyre-wash detergents to obtain a glossy touch to the tyres. enquire
Vinyl and Leather Shine A high-concentrate product, Vista Vinyl and Leather Shine extends high gloss with minimal usage. Long lasting, it leaves a wet feel with regular use and protects against cracks on leather surfaces. It is a single product which helps maintain both vinyl and leather surfaces. enquire
Vinyl and Leather Conditioner Natural leather loses its texture, suppleness and touch with regular use. Vista Vinyl and Leather Conditioner restores natural tones, rich colour and gloss, while preventing cracks, hardening and surface dullness to ensure a matte, non-tacky surface. It is an easy way to maintain high-quality leather and extend the life of leather articles. enquire
Vinyl and Rubber Polish A water based product with a special formulation, Vista Vinyl and Rubber Polish extends high gloss on vinyl and rubber. The resultant gloss is equivalent to non-aqueous polishes. This product is highly popular in service stations and in DIY scenarios to restore shine. enquire
Dashshine A single product, Vista Dashshine is suitable for bulk uses. Extending shine on dashboards, interior and exterior trims, rubber mats, and tyres, it is highly long lasting on dashboards. It is cost-effective and provides quick shine on a variety of surfaces. enquire
Reshine Two-Wheeler Gloss Extends shine on painted metal, plastic and vinyl surfaces, as well as on tyres of two-wheelers, ensuring crack-free surfaces. Just spray and wipe for enhanced gloss. enquire