Speciality auto products

Once an automobile is cleaned and cosmetically given good looks the next step is to provide special care for specific areas of the automobile. Under body protection, engine protection and degreasing are some of these special needs. Our range of specialty auto products ensure all your special needs, such as the removal of tar and grease marks from painted surfaces instantly, without haze marks.

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Degreaser A highly effective degreasing formula, it works quickly to remove grease and oil-based stains that are resistant to most ordinary cleaners. It is recommended for use in and around the gear box to efficiently remove oil and grease accumulation. Just spray it on the cleaning area and after a few minutes wipe it off. enquire
Underbody Coating A specially formulated, synthetic, resin-based car underbody coating, Vista Underbody Coating’s special pigments prevent corrosion and damage from stone chips. A quick drying, non-drip formula, it offers a partial sound deadening effect. enquire
Anti-fog Demister An easy-to-use product, it improves visibility by preventing fogging or steaming on the windscreen and car windows. It is recommended for application both on the inside as well as the outside of the glass surface. It has quick-drying properties and ensures that the glass is crystal clear. enquire
Chain Lubricant Vista Chain Lubricant ensures that the chain works smoothly and noiselessly. It penetrates into rollers and pins forming a tacky film, thereby reducing friction in chain links and sprocket teeth. Highly corrosion resistant, it can easily access parts that are difficult to reach. enquire