Today’s construction industry requires creative and innovative solutions to meet its evolving needs. In particular, construction chemicals in the area of building material protection and weathering need special consideration. Resil’s silicone formulations in the construction segment offer good water repellency for paints and masonary work.


  • Reliable partner for high volume supply of Silane and Slioxane ingredients
  • Novel hydrophobic silicone technology
  • Improved water repellency for brick, stone, concrete blocks, mortar and grout
  • Excellent water repellency
  • Offers sustainable protection
  • Ensures extended service life
  • Eases the restoration of old buildings
  • Improves resistance to mould, bacteria and mildew through novel silicone-silver formulations

A Methyl-hydrogen polysiloxane based formulation, it imparts a wide variety of water repellant properties. A few have been listed below:

  • Free-flowing characteristic to powder and granular materials i.e. gypsum plasterboard/blocks, fire extinguisher powders etc., thereby reducing caking
  • Excellent water repellency properties