Construction Chemicals and Silicone water repellants

These offerings are potassium siliconates and are highly effective for water repellency. These water repellent products are based on polymethyl hydrogen siloxane. Facade impregnation: water repellent treatment of exposed surfaces made of mineral building materials like brick, natural stone, concrete and mineral plasters and coating. High efficient water repellant agents for gypsum dry-mix mortars can be used.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
AQUAPHOBE WR6 It imparts free flowing characteristic to powder and granular material such as gypsum plasterboard/blocks, fire extinguisher powders etc., thus reducing caking and imparting excellent water repellence. download download
TILE-O-SHINE It is used as release agent for ceramic and rubber. It also imparts shine to tile composites. It is stable at higher temperature applications and compatible with ceramic materials. download download
AQUAPHOBE WR1 It imparts water repellency to building material during their manufacture. It is compatible with most of the construction materials but does not interfere in binding and adhesion properties of the building materials. download download
AQUAPHOBE WR2 It ensures durable protection from water-induced damages. It is also used for treatment of bricks, stones and concrete and as an admixture with concrete and other cement-based formulations. download download
AQUAPHOBE WR3 A solvent-free formulation based on functional silanes and siloxanes. Solvent-based masonry water repellents can be formulated from this. download download
AQUAPHOBE WR4 It is a ready-to-use, single-component system used to consolidate the substrate, up to its original strength. This is a very cost-effective solution and a good substitute for various binder materials used in the construction industry. download download


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