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Silver Antimicrobial: Resil brings to you a revolutionary, OEKO-TEX listed, silver antimicrobial – a natural product that keeps things fresh all day long. This unique, durable and non-leaching silver antimicrobial ensures hygiene, freshness and protection, all day, everyday.  It is available in numerous formats, thereby increasing the value of textiles, leather, plastics, jute and even personal care products.

Phase Change Material Technology: Resil’s Phase Change Material Technology ensures high wall integrity and strength keeping the active ingredient protected and stable within the microcapsule. It is uniquely designed in such a way that the phase change happens at a temperature closer to body temperature, 28 degree C, providing a clear competitive advantage for climate control requirements.

Aerogels: Aerogels have been declared the world’s lightest solid, having a density of 3mg/cm3. It offers unique advantages such as providing 39 times better insulation as compared to fiberglass; it is 1000 times less dense than glass and performs under load. At 15 psi pressure, over 85% of its unloaded insulation is retained. Aerogels find applications in textiles, shoes, insulation, sound proofing and construction.

Why us?

  • Bringing world class technologies to the market
  • Patented materials and technologies
  • Supported by years of research and a multi-million dollar investment
  • Global marketing network
  • Customized products for a wide variety of industries and applications

Industry speak

N9 Pure Silver™ is manufactured at Resil and can be used across applications to gain antimicrobial properties, making: jute reusable, leather odour-free, plastics safe for food storage and protecting consumer goods such as mobile phones and toys. Cosmetics made with silver also improve skin conditions.

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Case study

The silver antimicrobial is manufactured by Resil and is marketed under the brand N9 Pure Silver™. It is successfully being used by reputed global brands such as Marks and Spencer, DIM and Walmart, improving the wearability and comfort of their products and providing a wonderful value addition to their clients. It is especially used in the socks and undergarments categories as these products are prone to absorb sweat and develop bacteria. Resil’s silver antimicrobial has proven to be the most accepted product in these segments and the most sustainable product in the market place.