Anti ozone finishes

Our anti-ozone finishes are designed to restrict the impact of bleach on denims. Such softeners work through a sacrificial mechanism which reduces the yellowing of denims. A standard requirement for denim fabrics, Resil’s range of anti-ozone finishes gives a good hand feel, and protects loosely heal indigo dyes from ozone oxidation.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
Resil AOS Protective agent against ozone fading of denim with excellent soft handle. Denim garments tend to fade in the presence of atmospheric ozone and form fold marks on the garments. Resil AOS is the right solution for such applications.
Dosage: Application by exhaust: 2-4%.
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Resil AOSC Conc Concentrated anti-ozone softener, which reduces the influence of ozone on exposure by an innovative protective mechanism along with a natural soft handle.
Dosage: Application by exhaust (after 1:9 dil): 4-6%.
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