Encapsulated fragrances

Encapsulated materials in textile application include fragrance coatings and active ingredient coatings. Resil’s encapsulated fragrances comprise capsules of micron sizes – in the order of 1-10 micron and are applied by exhaust, padding and spraying. The typical durability is improved from 10 to 15 washes by using binders. The capsulation can also be applied with other finishing agents to impart various properties to the textile substrate.

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CelessenceTM Microcapsule shells contain actives such as
fragrances, protecting them during the lifetime of the garment or textile. With movement the capsules break and release their contents gradually over time. Has good affinity to the fabric when applied along with finishes. Displays a durability of 10 washes. Requires binder for increased durability. Dosage: For perfumery fragrance: 1.5 gm/m2 (of fabric); for active and skin care product: 3 gm/m2 of fabric surface area. Celessence is a Registered Trademark of Celessence Technologies, UK.
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