Heavy vehicle care

Heavy vehicles are constantly battling with the effects of tar, oil, dust, grime and mud. Vista has a specialized range of products that would help in the cleaning of heavy vehicles.

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Advanced Shampoo Vista Advanced Shampoo is a high concentrate product, with recommended high dilution ratio. It is ideal for use in service stations due to its economical value and high-efficiency. An effective wash with detergency properties, it cleanses oil, road grime and grease stains. It is superior to conventional detergent based products with regard to bio-degradability. enquire
Advanced All-Purpose Cleaner Effectively breaks down grease and protein based dirt leaving behind a natural citrus fragrance. Vista Advanced All-Purpose Cleaner can be used for cleaning art leather, polyamide fabric, leather, vinyl and plastic. Highly concentrated, it is recommended for bulk users such as service stations, car spas and also housekeeping contractors. enquire
Glass Cleaner Designed to clean surfaces without streaking or leaving any residue. With no halo or haze marks after application, Vista Glass Cleaner ensures clear vision. Spray Application is recommended. enquire
Finish-T Rubbing Compound A one-step product, Vista Finish-T Rubbing Compound is a perfect solution for microfine scratches and extends glaze. The product is available only in bulk packs. This product can remove deep scratches formed by sharp objects. enquire
Swirl Glaze Highly effective on swirl marks, Vista Swirl Glaze removes oxidation layers and microfine scratches while extending glaze. A single-step process, it is recommended for vehicles between 1-3 years of age. enquire
High Gloss Polish Non-sticky and non-powdery Vista High Gloss Polish ensures easy application. Only minimal quantity is required for superior end result and long-lasting UV protection. The product is compatible for both manual and machine application. enquire
Premium Polish Designed to extend superior glaze, Vista Premium Polish is at par with the best in international markets. Non-sticky, non-powdery and easy to apply, only a minimal quantity is required for superior results and long-lasting UV protection. The product is compatible for both manual and machine application. enquire
Vista Hi-Shine Wax A high concentrate, only a minimal quantity is required for superior results. Easy to apply, non-sticky and non-powdery, it offers long lasting UV protection. Vista Hi-Shine Wax is compatible for both manual and machine application. enquire
Tyre Conditioner A non-aqueous agent for tyres, it restores the natural black look and delivers long lasting performance. This can be applied after washing the tyre with suitable tyre-wash detergents to obtain a glossy touch to the tyres. enquire
Vinyl and Leather Shine A high-concentrate product, Vista Vinyl and Leather Shine extends high gloss with minimal usage. Long lasting, it leaves a wet feel with regular use and protects against cracks on leather surfaces. It is a single product which helps maintain both vinyl and leather surfaces. enquire
Vinyl and Leather Conditioner Natural leather loses its texture, suppleness and touch with regular use. Vista Vinyl and Leather Conditioner restores natural tones, rich colour and gloss, while preventing cracks, hardening and surface dullness to ensure a matte, non-tacky surface. It is an easy way to maintain high-quality leather and extend the life of leather articles. enquire
Vinyl and Rubber Polish A water based product with a special formulation, Vista Vinyl and Rubber Polish extends high gloss on vinyl and rubber. The resultant gloss is equivalent to non-aqueous polishes. This product is highly popular in service stations and in DIY scenarios to restore shine. enquire
Dashshine A single product, Vista Dashshine is suitable for bulk uses. Extending shine on dashboards, interior and exterior trims, rubber mats, and tyres, it is highly long lasting on dashboards. It is cost-effective and provides quick shine on a variety of surfaces. enquire
Degreaser A highly effective degreasing formula, it works quickly to remove grease and oil-based stains which are resistant to most ordinary cleaners. It is recommended for use in and around the gear box to efficiently remove oil and grease accumulation. Just spray on the area that requires cleaning and wipe it off after a few minutes. enquire
Anti-fog Demister An easy-to-use product, it improves visibility by preventing fogging or steaming on the windscreen and car windows. It is recommended for application  on the inside as well as the outside of the glass surface. It has quick-drying properties and ensures that the glass is crystal clear. enquire