Public places are prone to microbial attacks and heavy cross-contamination from diverse carriers. Children and elderly members are more prone to infection and microbe attacks as their immunity level is generally lower. Resil has a range of safe particulate silver based hand sanitizers that offer instant and lasting protection from germs for more than three hours or until the next hand wash.


  • Quick disinfection
  • Excellent residual disinfection
  • Protects hand and skin from infections and cross-contamination
  • Sanitizes medical devices and instruments
  • GMP certified manufacturer
  • Ready-to-use products
  • Protects personal spaces from infections
  • Keeps surroundings infection-free even if it is used by varied people
  • Can be used in outdoor spaces such as hotels, restaurants, public locations and theaters.

Hand Sanitizer (water based)

Conventional sanitizers use alcohol for instant disinfection. However, alcohol has a tendency to dry the hands and cause microlesions which thereby lead to more growth of bacteria. Our unique foam-based, alcohol-free hand sanitizer contains emolients which prevent such instances of abrasion.

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