Industrial specialities

Silicones in the industry usually refer to the linear PDMS. The functional groups and the reactivity of the silicone polymer can be adjusted to develop resins and elastomers. Resil focuses on silicone polymers to impart good lubrication, while silanes offer good cross-linking effect. In addition, Resil also has good additives for the paint and coating industry and defoamers that can be used across industries.


Linear PDMS:

  • Availability of wide variety of viscosity (0.65-5lakh)
  • Excellent lubrication
  • High permeability


  • Quick defoaming
  • Low dosage
  • Foam control
  • Powder & Liquid forms


  • Good cross-linking
  • Excellent binding
  • Quick spreading

Customised products

DPAF 243

A product with alkali stability up to 12 pH, DPAF 243 is an easily dilutable product with a wide variety of industrial application. It has quick defoaming properties and has a knockdown of less than 15 seconds. It ensures unstained antifoaming for more than 30 minutes making it a suitable product in very high foaming medium.