Industrial additives

Performance additives are a variety of organic additives that are used for improving performance, cost and efficiency. These additives cover antifoams, organic waxes and other performance enhancing additives. Our industrial additives are a range of silicone surfactants.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
RESIWAX P 50 It is used as a chemical bonding agent. This is a solid paraffin wax based product used as an industrial additive for cosmetic and personal care applications. The melting point of this product is 52 degree C and can be combined with other organic additives. enquire download
Resicare AIC It can be used in a wide range of applications in automotive and household cleaning products, due to its excellent surface property. It also has a good demulsification property on crude oil. download download
AAFA2KI It is specially designed to be used in a wide variety of foaming systems and have excellent defoaming or antifoaming property. It can be used in adhesive and glue manufacture, solvent-based paint and ink manufacture, resin polymerisation, soaps and detergents. download download