Industrial AntiFoam

Resil’s antifoam solutions are designed for both instant (defoamer) and sustained/controlled (antifoam) applications. These are available in the form of aqueous emulsions, non-aqueous compounds and powder forms. Chemical processes involving high sheer mixing, distillation, fermentation generates excessive foam which affects process efficiency and production capacity. Silicone acts as an excellent process aid in such applications and anti-foams find application in water borne coatings, leather processing, powder and liquid detergents, household cleaning products and as process aids.

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TAF 100 These antifoams are specially designed for manufacturing a wide variety of aqueous foaming systems, such as ink and paint (water based), latex processing, waste water treatment, soaps and detergents manufacture, paper processing, metal working fluids, etc. Other variants available are TAF 200, SMTE, LDF 300, DEFOAM All 001. download download
DPAF 243 It is an effective defoamer and can be easily formulated into cost-effective antifoams of desired concentrations. It can also be utilised as an effective antifoam in water-based industrial processing media in which pH and temperature fluctuations are high. download download
DPAF 241 It is specially designed to be used in the pulp and paper industry as an effective defoamer. It gives good stability at high shear applications and assists in the clear running of the machine. Moreover, it is cost-effective and bio-degradable. download download
DPAF 264 It is designed for use in detergents as well as pulp and paper processing, which involves the use of alkali based auxiliaries. It offers good stability at high shear, temperature and alkaline conditions. download download
RESIL UD This is a non silicone antifoam used for all silicone free applications such as textiles, paper, etc. It is an excellent antifoam which helps reduce and prevent foam formation. Its use shows savings in production time and cost. download download
Greensil PD It is a powder antifoam, specifically developed to control foam in various biotechnology applications and ultra-filtration systems. It can be used for fermentation and food processing, brewing, pharmaceutical and water treatment applications. download download
GREENSURF PWD A non-ionic wetting-cum-defoaming agent, it reduces surface tension and hence enhances the wetting and spreading property of the medium being used. It is most effective in aqueous media. enquire enquire
GREENSURF PW A non-ionic powder wetting agent, it reduces surface tension and hence enhances the wetting and spreading property of the medium being used. It is extremely hydrophilic in nature and highly soluble in water and polar solvents. enquire enquire