Silicone Fluids (oils) – Industrial

Silicones for industrial applications are available for low, medium and high viscosity range. Low viscosity silicones have very high spreadability, volatile content and are mainly used in personal care applications. Medium viscosity silicones such as 350 and 100cst silicone oils are the most popular grades. It is used in a variety of lubricant applications and in industrial applications such as release, anti-foam and lubrication. High viscosity silicones  are used in paints, adhesives and greases. Resil’s array of silicone fluids (oils) are medium viscosity oils and can be used for lubrication.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
DLV1.0 Chemically, these are inert and non-toxic with good surface spreadability. They are used in various personal care products as lubricants and as a surface active material. Other variants available are DLV0.65, DLV10, DLV20 and DLV50 download download
HEXAMETHYL DISILOXANE 0.65 cst It is used in various industrial applications such as glass vials, lens coatings, household product ingredients, mechanical fluids, penetrating oil ingredients, surface active agents, coatings, electrical insulating fluids and polish ingredients. enquire download
DMV 100 These have good release characteristics and excellent thermal stability. They are extremely effective as release agents, antifoams, lubricants or additives in polishes and chemical specialties. Other variants available are DMV 200, DMV 260, DMV 300, DMV 350, DMV 500, DMV 1000, DMV 2000. enquire download
DHV 5000 These are highly viscous silicone fluids, used as a release agent, antifoam, hydraulic fluid, surface active material, lubricant and polish additive. These are also used for foam control in petroleum production and refinery operations. Other variants available are DHV 10000, DHV 12500, DHV 30000, DHV60000, DHV100000, DHV 300000, DHV 500000 download download