In a world where each touch is a risk you take, it is essential to have easy access to the hygiene afforded by soap and water, on the run. This is the value provided by a hand sanitizer. However, what good is a sanitizer if its effect wears off in a minute or two? What one needs is continued protection from germs till one can wash or sanitize the hands again.

Silver has been used extensively across time and geographies for its antimicrobial properties. Now it is being used for disinfection and long-term protection of your hands. Conventional sanitizers and hygiene products contain high levels of alcohol. The Klenza Hand Care range offers a unique set of hand sanitizers with the goodness of silver. This range includes products that are completely alcohol-free. Klenza can help avoid cross contamination and spread of infections.

The Klenza Hand Sanitizer, from the Klenza Hand Care range, is your answer to lasting protection. It kills 99.9-99.99% germs within the first 10-15 seconds of application. But what makes Klenza special is the presence of silver which offers continued protection that lasts for over three hours! Klenza is compatible with all skin types (normal, dry, sensitive and stressed skin) and has the same effective cleansing capability on clean and dirty hands.

Why us?

The presence of silver allows the product to have zero alcohol content. What’s more, it is also gentle on the hands and offers extended protection. Klenza is an expert in silver technology and has incorporated the use of silver to create unique and safe products for consumer use. A product with better performance, better protection and unique pack sizes makes Klenza a preferred brand in sanitization. The broad spectrum of antimicrobial property of silver provides better protection to users.

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Klenza is a revolutionary hand sanitizer with the goodness of Silver and products with no alcohol content, making it extremely safe for adults and children alike.

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Klenza ensures that your hands stay germ-free for over three hours. The product caters to home care, institutional care and hospital care applications effectively by using unique silver technology. Health and hygiene have become the need of the hour. With an increasing number of people realizing the need for cleanliness, hand sanitizers are looked upon as a miracle product.