Conventional organic materials perform poorly as process aids and do not last long. Silicone based products offer multiple benefits in a single product at a low cost and concentration. Silicones can withstand harsh conditions in leather processing environments. They are safe, both for the skin and the environment when used as a leather finishing agent.

Resil’s silicones for the leather industry effectively help in modifying the feel of leather to impart a silky, smooth and slippery touch. The products also improve resistance to abrasion.


  • Better resistance to abrasion
  • Better hand-feel
  • Improves breathability even after coating
  • Improves levelling of leather chemicals
  • Enhances look and feel
  • Makes leather soft and supple
  • Maintains flexibility of leather
  • Improves water repellency and protects leather articles
  • Offers a variety of handle/feel: dry, wet, natural, etc.
  • Can be combined with polyurethanes

DPLF 177

It is specially formulated to be used for soft, dry feel on leather. It imparts a silky, smooth and slippery touch on leather and enhances resistance to wet and dry rubs.