Leather Chemicals

Leather chemicals include chemicals used for tanning, dyeing and retanning across various stages of leather production process. The leather processing industry depends upon the changing scenario in the fashion industry. The resurgent demand for shoes and automotives in India and Asia Pacific provides a good forecast for leather chemicals to grow significantly. Today sustainability and health impacts governs the types of chemicals used in leather processing and forces the use of eco-friendly and highly-advanced chemicals. Resil’s range of leather finishing and feel modifiers comprises silicone emulsions that impart a good hand-feel.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
MEGAFEEL FM It improves abrasion resistance as well as wet and dry performance of the leather substrate. It is highly compatible with topcoat
leather formulations.
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DPLF 177 It is a specially-formulated product, designed to impart a soft, dry feel on the leather substrate. It also extends a silky, slippery and smooth touch on leather and enhances resistance to wet and dry rubs. EA20TR is available as well. download download