Silicone paper coating

Silicone coated paper imparts certain qualities to the paper including weight release, surface gloss, smoothness and reduced absorbency. The coated paper can then be used in food packaging, release paper and in magazines. However, the coating formulation needs careful consideration for the chemical additives and dispersants being used. The coating can be carried out by adjusting the thickness of coating, speed of coating and the curing temperature. Resil’s silicone paper coating comprises two-component and three-component systems for pressure sensitive tapes and labels.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
RESICOT SLC 186 This two-component system is designed for use in the manufacture of release liners for pressure sensitive tapes and labels. It is suitable for both paper and plastic substrates as it is designed to perform as a fast cure system at medium temperatures. (RESILINK SLC 187 is also available) download download
RESICOT 167 This three-component system is based on the condensation-cure mechanism and is specially developed for the production of release papers and films. This system crosslinks in the presence of catalysts to give excellent release and water repellency. (RESILINK 168 and RESILINK 169 are also available) download download


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