Performance Chemicals

At Resil, silicones mean possibilities. In our quest to find possible applications and newer solutions, we have unleashed a whole new dimension of silicones that enterprises across industries can benefit from. Reach out to the world of silicones. Discover new possibilities, experience tomorrow’s technologies and rediscover performance.

Being one of Asia’s largest formulators of silicone polymers, Resil has developed a range of silicone solutions to match more than just garments. In the arena of polymerisation technology, our Performance Chemicals Division extends the potential of silicones to industries such as personal care, pharmaceuticals, agro, rubber, leather, paints, water-treatment, defoamer and gasket coating. What’s more, an adept supply chain also enables us to provide you with efficient and quick product and service support.

Our indepth understanding of silicones and finishes has enabled us to create comprehensive solutions for you. Economical and of the finest quality, these customised solutions also offer you a niche that can rarely be matched.

Why us?

Resil’s Performance Chemicals Division is dedicated to innovations in holistic, customised silicone solutions. In the world of cosmetics and personal care, we have compositions which are blends of unique silicone combinations which can reduce multiple inventory at customer locations (pre-blended), and also a DSIR-recognised research centre for unique silicone solutions for industrial applications. Resil’s silicone expertise is well known to the Indian industry for the past 2 decades in offering a wide range of silicone products for diverse industries.


Products and Services

Case study

The silicone market for coatings and inks has great potential and growth in the Indian scenario. The paints and coatings industry is growing at a phenomenal rate, boosting the usage of silicones to deliver high quality paints.