Personal care additives

The cosmetic and personal care industry today encompasses a diverse range of products like body and face lotions, creams, and salves, deodorants and antiperspirants, sunscreens and tanning aids, makeup preparations, nail products, hair preparations, bath preparations and soaps, shaving preparations, oral care products and fragrances. This collection of amodimethicone emulsions act as a unique conditioner when added to personal care products, particularly cosmetic bath soaps.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
RESICARE SFB , RESICARE SFB 945 silicone fluid blend that is clear, colorless, non-greasy and non-oily for personal care application, with excellent aesthetic, spreading, rub-out, lubrication properties, non-greasy and detackification in hair care application. enquire enquire
RESICARE PTM Phenyltrimethicone silicone fluid. Which are compatible with organic materials used in personal care products. They provide gloss and sheen in hair care products, emoliency and water repellency in skin care products, and detackification in cosmetic products. enquire enquire
RESICARE GMPS It is used in a wide range of applications, especially in personal care products like skin and hair care products. It is also used as a wetting and emulsifying agent and is an excellent foam builder and stabiliser. enquire download
RESICARE AE01 It imparts soft and smooth skin feel and ensures water repellancy with a glossy effect. It can be used in cosmetic creams, lotions,
gels for skin care and hair care applications.
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RESICARE SE01 Ready to use HAIR SERUM BASE of silicone fluids blend, it gives hair conditioning, Good spreading, Non- greasy nature, excellent shine and glossy, easy rub-out, lubrication and emollient, helps detangled hair instantly improve hair texture, Keep hair moisturized. download download
DMCPS It is a transient emollient or carrier with excellent spreadability and lubricity. This product has high volatility and non-sticky properties which helps in preparation of cosmetic sprays, lotions and creams. enquire download