Silicone Emulsion polymers

Emulsion polymerisation techniques uses co-synthesis of polymers and emulsion in one go. This helps in making polymer emulsions which contains silicone polymers of high viscosity. Such emulsions can be anionic, cationic and non-ionic in nature and can be tailored to deliver theological properties to the human body. They also prove useful in paper coatings, textile coatings and home care applications. Organo-functionalities can also be included while preparing such emulsion polymers.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
RESICARE PCHCA-4 It is recommended as an additive in personal care products, particularly in hair care products like conditioners and shampoos. It also improves wet and dry combing and imparts soft feel to hair. download download
RESIL PCHCA It improves wet and dry combing properties in hair care products like conditioners, hair shampoos and masks. Additionally, it provides a good shine and glossy effect and has no impact on foam properties. download download
AST-PC-2 It is recommended as a unique conditioner in personal care
products particularly in cosmetic bath soaps. It is known to improve foaming, helping retain perfume on skin with a soft feel.
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AST-SH-2 It is used as a conditioner in cosmetic bath soaps, shower gels, cleansers, shampoos and conditioners. The amino functional polymer present in the product provides better conditioning and durability during application. download download
RESICARE WCHT It is a good additive for personal care products, particularly for hair care such as conditioners, shampoos and hair colourants. This additive provides excellent smoothness and spreadability to various cosmetic products and can be combined along with silicones. enquire download
RESICARE ACAZ It improves wet and dry combing of hair and adds gloss and lubricity to the hair. It also acts as an excellent emollient, leaving the skin
smoother, less dry and silky.
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REISCARE EMPL 2545 It improves dry combing and enables effective conditioning. Suitable for clear products and water-based hair care products. This product provides anti-static property in addition to smoothness for hair care applications. enquire enquire