Resil is a trusted and reliable brand in the pharma and healthcare industry. Resil’s pharma-grade antifoam and defoamers are manufactured under strict compliance with Schedule M and GMP conditions of the Indian Drug Control Standards.

Resil’s Polydimethylsiloxane based emulsion is used:

  • As a coating agent for vials and ampoules
  • As a hydrophobic lubricant for medical devices
  • For siliconisation of glass, metals, plastics and rubber


  • Indian drug control certified products for IP, EP, BP and USP
  • Manufactured in a GMP certified state-of-the-art facility. FDA Approved
  • High-quality products are derived by using high-quality raw materials
  • Ensures complete traceability end-to-end
  • Provides highest quality control, quality assurance and quality management practices
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 facility
  • Product specifications comply with pharmacopoeia standards specified for tablets and oral suspensions


Simethicones are available as 100% products as well as emulsions. They are excellent antifoaming agents and useful in neutralising intestinal gastroentitis problems.  It is recommended for use as an antiflatulent additive in antacids and digestive enzymatic preparations.

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