Antifoam compound

Simethicone 100% is used as an anti-foaming agent for formulating anti-flatulent and hyper-acidity tablets. These antifoams comply with various pharmacopoeia such as IP, BP, EP, USP. Simethicones are effective anti-foaming agents against abdominal foams. They are chemically inert and safe for oral consumption within the prescribed limits. Resil’s 100% silicone compounds also impart anti-foaming properties.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
AFIP/UP/BP/EP 1000/2000/3000 These products have excellent defoaming and antifoaming properties. These can also be used in food processing industries as an antifoaming and defoaming agent. They are recommended to be used as antiflatulent additives in antacid and digestive enzymatic preparations. download (A)
download (B)
download (A)
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