Rubber & Plastics

Silicones serve as gloss enhancers, lubricants and rubber and plastic modifiers. Silicone greases and silicone oils are used for lubrication, while silicone release agents are used to cast tyre and hose moulding as well as plastic release applications. Silanes and silicone coupling agents can change the inherent properties of rubber and plastic.


  • Silicones have low surface tension
    *Excellent lubrication for mould release
  • Does not leave any residue on the moulds
  • Imparts gloss and shine
  • Excellent foam stabilization
  • Helps surface modification of plastics
  • Requires low dosages for release
  • Excellent lubricant between plastic and metal surfaces


An effective mould release and shine  products used in manufacturing of conventional tyres, hosepipes, rubberbands, hawai slippers, plastic goods, latex products, rubber stoppers, gaskets, tubes, bungs, extruded rubber parts and conveyer belts etc.