Lubricating agents

Silicones are used in high gloss applications due to its unique refractive index, which is closer to glass surfaces. They provide shine and gloss on plastics, polymers and rubber surfaces. Typical articles include tyres, hawaii slippers, rubber bands and shoes. Resil’s range of lubricating and shining agents and industrial specialties are available in a wide variety of solid content ranging from 15% to 60%.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
RELESIL EG An economical and excellent release agent, this is intended for manufacture of plastic, rubber bands, mats, etc. This product provides outstanding shine just by simply dipping the articles in a tub diluted with RELESIL EG. enquire enquire
SHINE SR A good economical release and shine agent used in various industries. This is a multipurpose agent for substrates like plastics, leather, ceramics, etc. download download
DSCL A milky emulsion of polydimethylsiloxane that is engineered to perform as an anti-sticking agent for latex dipped goods. Typically this product is applied by diluting DSCL along with other release agents in the final bath. The dipped goods are dried and powdered before use. download download