Mould release agents

This range of silicone emulsions imparts good release and shine. These agents work based on silicones’ low surface tension property and helps in wetting metal surfaces quickly. The silicone polymers have high release characteristics due to the presence of high methyl groups. Applications include rubber tyre release, metal mould release and adhesive tape release. Silicones have excellent spreadability amongst many substrates & can be formulated to have high thermal stability as well.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
DSED An economical and effective mould release and shine giving
product used in manufacturing of conventional tyres, hose pipes, rubber bands, Hawaii slippers, plastic goods, latex products, rubber stoppers, gaskets, tubes, bungs, extruded rubber parts and conveyer belts, etc. Other products include DSED1, DSED3, DSSD, DSAR, DSDG, DSDG1, DSSG, DSDC, RESIL 36, DSTC, DSEG & DSAR.
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RESIL EVA-SR-4 An effective release agent for EVA rubber. This also imparts shine to the products. Typically EVA shoes require a special type of silicone to provide continuous release and to maintain high throughput production. download download
DMSD-50 A specially-formulated, solvent-based product for release application on moulded articles. This product aids quick drying of the moulded articles and helps release articles which are sensitive to contact with water. download download