Gasket Coating

Silicone gaskets help in precise gasket formation and enables continuous, intricate, small cross-section gaskets directly onto the contours of the component of the substrate. The advantages are low material wastage, rapid prototyping, low tooling cost and easy to change gasket design. Resil’s array of gasket coating products are inclusive of a two-component silicone polymer for gasket coating. Further, automotive gaskets and electrically conductive gaskets can be made quickly using silicone gasket coating agents.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
RESICOT 164 These products are used as automobile and general purpose gasket coating systems. Form-in-place gaskets are made using these product combinations. The right viscosity and consistency of the product helps in continuous production of such gasket systems. Other products are RESICOT 165, AUTOSIL GCP & AUTOCAT GCP. download download
DPGC 164 These products impart heat and oil resistance and ensure durable coating for gaskets of high viscosity, especially for the automobile industry. download download
RESIL MHPS Heat and oil resistant, this product ensures durable coating for gaskets. Precaution needs to be taken while storing and usage of this product; refer MSDS before use. enquire enquire