Silicone Fluids – OH Polymer

Silicones are inert and heat-resistant, rubber like compounds used in sealants, adhesives, for construction, medical and insulation application. Silicone sealants prevents water and air penetration, have low thermal conductivity and low toxicity. Hydroxyl (OH) terminated silicones is a main ingredient in preparing such silicone adhesives and sealants. Low moisture content and good molecular weight distribution characterises the quality of the polymer. Resil’s range of hydroxyl comprises terminated silicone fluids for gaskets.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
DMOH These hydroxyl polymers are used as intermediates in applications such as textiles, rubber processing and sealants, adhesives, paints and filter treatments. Variants are DMOH 100, DMOH 1500, DMOH 2000, DMOH 5000, DMOH 20000 & DMOH 80000 download download


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