Jute finishing agents

Jute Batching Oil (JBO) used as a petroleum fraction is not suitable for food-grade jute bags as it is non bio-degradable and has an unacceptable odour. Rice Bran Oil (RBO) on the other hand requires non-ionic emulsifiers and has poor dispersion and non-uniform lubrication of jute. Resil’s jute lubricants combines moisture retention, self dispersibility, biodegradability and has no objectionable odour making it an ideal jute lubricant for domestic and export requirements.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
RESIL JBL A new generation of non-yellowing modified wax emulsion, it imparts soft handle on coarse and stiff natural bast fibres such as jute mesta. Additionally, it improves dynamical frictional property and moisture.
Dosage : Very weak solution of JBL sprayed on jute fibres.
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RESIL JSR JSR concentrated aqueous micro emulsion of fatty acid modified polysiloxane gives excellent lubrication on coarse jute fibres and reduces co-efficient of friction. Also, it arrests the dust particles while processing jute. Weak solution of JSR is sprayed on jute fibre. download download
RESIL RSR Smooth finish for coarse fibres like jute, it penetrates into the core and breaks the stiffness in the fibres making it soft and limpy. Highly concentrated and economical on dilution, it enhances moisture absorbency on jute and improves its strength. Weak solution is sprayed on jute while processing the fibre. enquire download


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