Acidic bio-finishing agents

Resil’s acidic bio-finishing agents comprise enzymes engineered for bio-finishing under acidic conditions with excellent surface defibrillation. These enzymes impart a unique handle to the substrate by resulting in a clean look. They also help in disposition of other finishing agents uniformly across knitted fabrics.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
Ezysoft GM3 GOTS listed, concentrated acid cellulase enzyme liquid for surface cleaning of cotton textiles.
Dosage: 0.75-1%.
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Ezysoft BPS conc ultra Highly concentrated acid cellulose suitable for all cotton blends, excellent biopiiling/ Bio softening with improved texture download download
Ezysoft BPS conc New “Concentrated acid cellulase for rapid biopolishing & depilling on cotton & knits; Good high low effect with uniform grain size on denims” download download
Ezysoft XCL Engineered acid cellulase enzyme liquid for low colour loss and good defibrillation property.
Dosage: 0.75-1%
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Ezysoft Biocare Concentrated acid cellulase enzyme for Bio-fading and Bio-polishing download download