Neutral bio-finishing agents

Resil’s neutral bio-finishing agents comprise enzymes designed for bio-finishing under neutral conditions with excellent surface defibrillation. These enzymes impart a unique handle to the substrate. Further, the enzymes can produce high-quality denim garments under neutral process conditions helping protect the environment.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
Ezysoft NCC Highly Concentrated neutral cellulase for excellent biopolishing effect on Knits and Wovens,with good color retention & less cross staining download download
Ezysoft LTN This unique product provides surface defibrillation yielding superior fabric and garment cleanup under neutral pH conditions in all types of processing equipment. download download
Ezycare NDK This provides excellent biopolishing effect on Knits and Wovens and good salt and pepper effect on denims.
Dosage: 0.75-1.5%.
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