Silicones for tear strength improvement

Our range of silicones for tear strength improvement comprises engineered silicones that are tailor-made to increase the tear strength parameters of your textile substrates. Our silicones achieve this through a unique molecular distribution of the polymer chains. Resil’s silicones for tear strength improvement can be used as they are, and during resin finishing operations. Our ARC wing further can develop special packages and suiting fabrics based on your special requirements.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
Innocelle TSIQ A GOTS listed, low-yellowing organo-modified polysiloxane, designed for better stability during application and improving tear strength with excellent handle.
Dosage: Application by padding (self): 15-30 gpl; in resin package: 10-25 gpl; by garment finishing: 1-3%.
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Ultrafab HPS New-generation, high-performance softener in combination of silicone with polyethylene wax. It shows considerable improvement in tear strength properties.
Dosage: Application by padding: 10-25 gpl; garment finishing by exhaust: 1-3%.
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