Amino Fluids and Organo modified poly silioxanes

Amino fluids form an integral part of the silicone formulation. With their unique structure that lends itself to various bonding possibilities, they can instill various functionalities in the silicone emulsion. Resil’s strengths in amino fluids include leadership in research, manufacturing, market intelligence and marketing of amino fluids.

Product Contents TDS MSDS
AS105 An amino modified silicone fluid for universal application, it is easy to emulsify to give micro/macro emulsion. It has the amine value of 23 to 28 mg KOH and 1000 cps viscosity. It is moderately reactive, imparting a limpy and bulky hand feel which makes it a universal application. It can be emulsified to give micro emulsion using 60 to 70 part of surfactant. download download
AN103 A highly polar amino modified silicone polymer, it possesses higher amine value 28 to 32 mg/KOH and its viscosity is
1000 cps. Easy to emulsify, it imparts a very limpy and silky handfeel. It delivers a better handle due to its higher exhaustion rate.
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AN2080 A unique blend of amino silicone polyether polymers, it is very easy to emulsify due to the optimised organic-to-silicone ratio. It lends a balanced handle to hydrophilic performance due to the polyalkylene ether modification. The shear stability is comparatively better than the counter products and it is easily emulsifiable with 60 to 70 parts of surfactants. download download


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