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Generation of new finishes

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Application Research Centre (ARC)

Resil takes great pride in the fact that it supports and promotes knowledge sharing with customers and stakeholders. Comprising extensive facilities and equipments, the Application Research Centre (ARC) acts as a knowledge base & source of support, helping customers discover hitherto unknown dimensions of finishing. The core strength of the ARC is that it specializes in innovative solutions that cater to every customer’s need thereby enabling it to focus on concept and market requirements, implementation of customer ideas and the generation of new finishes.

From a customer’s perspective ARC provides customized solutions, and empowers them through regular newsletters. ARC’s technical functions on the other hand includes tailor-made finishes, setting up of stringent validation standards for different product designs, simulation of bulk conditions with final product design, validation in the customer’s premises and product launches.

Rediscover textile applications with ARC.

We also share knowledge through:

RESILIENT: A customer interface initiative which provides information on various industries, trends, innovative products, technologies and process innovations.

RESILUTIONS: An educative newsletter providing information about novel, powerful solutions and also helps understand and cater to evolving customer requirements.

TECHNICAL TUESDAYS: A weekly communication tool which provides information on the Textile Industry – covering various finishes, textile processes, eco-friendly fibre alternatives, dyeing methods and yarn quality improvement processes.

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