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Application Research Centre (ARC)

Celebrating 20 years in 2020

The ARC has been synonymous with Resil’s relentless commitment to add value to textile products and services.

The Centre offers a state of art laboratory cum design studio to represent the immense possibilities through innovations in finishing. Enhancing the fabric’s aesthetics and functionality to the discerning customer.

Run by qualified and experienced textile professionals, the ARC helps to infuse value at multiple points in the textile and garment processing chain.

o Concept development
o Performance optimisation – technical textiles
o Testing and evaluation
o Productivity enhancement (on all 3 parameters-chemical, physical, and processing)
o Troubleshooting
o On-site trials
o Benchmarking- products and processes
o Technical newsletters and training programs

Discover a world of opportunities

Resil’s extensive marketing presence and its alliances with leading world players ensures a continuous inflow of information, which is accessible through the ARC.

Case studies and contact sessions are conducted regularly to provide an ongoing interface between the customer and the technologist. The application lab serves as an extended arm to our customers’ internal R&D efforts.

o Predictive analysis and Consultancy -identifying opportunities by observing changes in lifestyle, customer preferences, economy, production, and environmental challenges…
o Commercial projects are taken up for Customer brands under an NDA.
o Briefing and Prototyping; perfecting the customer products at lab scale, conducting scale up trials and progressively working towards successful launches

Reach out to the ARC

For more details on how Resil’s ARC can open up new possibilities for your textile brand and to organise your personal visit to the ARC, please call Resil at 080-43408500 or e-mail to


With the company’s diversification, the Centre also provides some basic facilities for testing and application studies for our customers in other industry sectors- pharma, personal care, agro, automobile, construction …

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