Resil Science For change

New identity

It’s been close to 20 years since we have updated the Resil logo and now is the perfect time for a change. The Resil brand is about much more than logos or product names. We are lucky to play a role in the lives of more than a thousand people every day. That is why our new logo takes its inspiration from our evolution and philosophy while continuously drawing upon the heritage of our brand values, fonts, and colors.

Resil’s new logo and corporate tagline reflect who we are today and symbolize our dynamic future. It has three components: the logotype, the graphic element ‘orbicule’ and the tagline.

For the logotype, we have retained the fonts of the previous logo design, reinforcing Resil as a steady and integral force, inducing brand recall.

The emphasis on the letter ‘S’ signifies our concerted approach towards Science, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility.

The orbicule is designed to resemble the earth, representing Resil’s global expansion and adherence to international standards. The coloured spheres reflect our core strength and illustrate the exploration of technology across the diverse forms of science.

The new tagline Science For Change refers to our progressive attitude of exploring through transformation.

Our new logo and tagline reflect Resil’s core guiding principles — Science, Innovation and Sustainability. This signifies that Resil will continue to pursue products and processes of international quality while we actively prioritize the environment and contribute to society.